CONTEMPORARY RESORTS AND URBAN HOTELS In the capitals of culture and cool

ME It's You

ME by Meliá are PERSONALITY HOTELS based on design and customer experience. ME hotels will be present in all the international capitals of culture and cool, fulfilling the main premise of the brand as a social and dynamic epicentre. In the company of art, design and music, and providing a carefully-orchestrated range of daytime and nighttime leisure, ME offers its guests a totally unexpected experience.
ME by Meliá offers personalized service that extends beyond accommodation alone. Customer service has been built up on the basis of four steps: ME anticipates you, ME understands you, ME reveals to you, ME appreciates you – the perfect combination for creating an atmosphere that stimulates the senses and connects with each individual’s daily pace of life, with every single guest’s AURA, and one which comprises the essence of the hotel.
The hotels of this brand have been designed for travellers in the vanguard who seek not only quality, but individualized, vibrant experiences in a cosmopolitan atmosphere, a reflection of their professional needs and personal wishes.